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About us

Our Mission Statement

Ebusua, Inc. is dedicated to

  • Fostering close relationships among indigenous Ghanaians, their families and people of African descent
  • Promoting a closer African/American relationship and understanding
  • Providing the community with relevant information and services affecting our society, in issues such as health, insurance, legal, employment, educational, birth and death
  • Helping to bridge the gap between Ghanaian Americans and the American mainstream, by providing educational seminars, symposia and training


EBUSUA INC., an all-embracing Ghanaian Association, was founded on the 4th of May 1980, by nine thoughtful Ghanaian nationals resident in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. They chose the name EBUSUA, an Akan word which means “Family”, because they envisioned an organization that will bring all Ghanaians in the area, into a one big family fold. To further emphasize their intentions they selected the motto (slogan) "Kor Ye", which means “United We Stand”

Originally, monthly meetings were held in members homes, but because of the high standards set by the founders, membership swelled and it became necessary to find a spacious location for its meetings.

From a very humble beginning, EBUSUA has grown to become the beacon of light for all Ghanaian Associations in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. Three of the original thoughtful nine, Mr. Phillip Quansah, Mrs. Victoria Quansah and Mr. Isaac Ebow Pesseh are still active members of the association. EBUSUA INC. has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt Charitable organization 501 (C) (3). It conducts educational and informational programs on the culture and customs of Ghana and also introduces newly arrived Ghanaians to the culture and day-to-day lifestyle of Americans.

Through its fundraising efforts, the organization procures medical supplies and donates them to Ghana. It has also adopted the Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, D.C. and the HowardUniversityHospital Border Babies Program as beneficiaries of its fundraising efforts.

EBUSUA INC. always endeavors to be involved in extending hospitality and fellowship to any Ghanaian athletic contingent visiting he United States.

Ebusua is establishing a partnership with The Nsaba Science Foundation for Girl Child Education as a local non-profit NGO. It is a Computer literacy, Science, Mathematics and English Language Foundation.

Meetings are held on the first Saturday of each month and membership is open to all Ghanaians.

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